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Date: 10.10.2017


Sub: Notice for Empanelment of Retired Officers as the Inquiry Officer for Conducting Departmental Inquiries in Pawan Hans Limited.


1.    Pawan Hans Limited under Ministry of Civil Aviation intends to create Panel of Retired Officers not below rank of Dy. Secretary in the Central Government and equivalent Officer in the State Government or CPSEs (Not below the Rank of E-6) to be appointed as Inquiry Officer for the purpose of conducting departmental inquiries. The panel created for the above purpose will be valid for a period of three years.

2.      Eligible retired officials willing for empanelment as Inquiry Officer may send their Application in the Prescribed Performa duly completed in all respect (Annexure-'A') within 30 days from the date of issue of this notice to JGM (HR & Admin), Pawan Hans Limited, C-14, Sector-1, Noida-201301, Distt. Gautam Budh Nagar, Uttar Pradesh- by Speed Post and superscribing the envelope as "Empanelment of Inquiry Officer in Pawan Hans Ltd."

3.    Following are the eligibility conditions for appointment of willing retired officers as Inquiry Officers to conduct departmental inquires:-

i)       The retired officers willing to serve as the Inquiry Officer should not be more than 65 years of age as on 31.10.2017.

ii)      He/ She should be in sound health-both physically and mentally.

iii)    He /She should not be an accused officer in any pending inquiry and should be of impeccable integrity.


4.    A three member committee consisting of equivalent to ED/GM level officers including CVO of the Pawan Hans Limited would be constituted by Competent Authority. After receipt of willingness of the retired officers, names of the officers will be screened by the committee so constituted and panel of officers (Database) will be created rank wise viz. Deputy Secretary, Director, Joint Secretary, Additional Secretary, Secretary, etc or equivalent levels or in CPSEs like Director/ED/GM/JGM/DGM(Not below E-6 grade) etc.

5.    Terms and conditions for Appointment of Retired Officers as the Inquiry Officer:


The designated Inquiry Officer shall be required to give an undertaking as follows:-

i)       That he/she is not a witness or a complainant in the matter to be inquired into or a close relative or a known friend of the delinquent Pawan Hans Officer.

ii)     Shall maintain strict secrecy in relation to the documents he/she receives or information/data collected by him/her in connection with the inquiry and utilize the same only for the purpose of inquiry in the case entrusted to him/her.

6.    No such documents/information or data shall be divulged to anyone during the Inquiry or after presentation of the Inquiry Report. All the records, reports etc., available with the Inquiry Officer shall be duly returned to the authority which appointed him/her as such, at the time of presentation of the Inquiry Report.

7.    The Inquiry Officer shall conduct the inquiry proceedings in the official premises provided by the Pawan Hans Limited.

8.    The Inquiry Officer shall undertake travel for conducting inquiry (in unavoidable circumstances) with the approval of Disciplinary Authority.

9.    The number of disciplinary cases assigned to an Inquiry Officer will be restricted to 20 cases in a year, with not more than 4 cases at a time.

10.   The Inquiry Officer shall submit the inquiry report after completing the inquiry within ninety days from the date of his/her appointment as the Inquiry Officer. Extension of time beyond ninety days will be granted only by the Disciplinary Authority depending upon the circumstances of the case.

11.   The rates of honorarium and other allowances payable to the Inquiry Officer will be as under:-

Particulars/ Details




Time taken to complete the inquiry proceedings


Rate per case (in Rupees)




Within 45 days

Rs. 37,500/-




Within 90 days

Rs 25,000/-



Beyond 90 days



Transport Allowance


as per TA/DA rules of PHL, however  local conveyance shall be arranged by company on the receipt of requisition.

Secretarial Assistance


Rs. 5,000 /- per case if no secretarial assistance is provided by the Department/office concerned.


12.   Payment will be made to the Inquiry Officer only when the report is accepted by the Disciplinary Authority. In case it is not possible to proceed with the matter due to stay by court etc., the Inquiry Officer may be discharged from his/her duties and payment of honorarium and other allowances will be made on pro rata basis.

13.   Before the payment is received by the Inquiry Officer, it will be his/her responsibility to ensure that:

i)     All case records and inquiry report (two ink signed copies) properly documented and arranged is handed over to the Disciplinary Authority.

ii)    The report returns findings on each of the Articles of Charge which has been enquired into should specifically deal and address each of the procedural objections, if any, raised by the charged officers as per the extant rules and instructions.

iii)   There should not be any ambiguity in the inquiry report and therefore  every care should be taken to ensure that all procedures for conducting departmental inquires have been followed in accordance with the relevant rules/instructions of Conduct, Disciplinary and Appeal Rules of Pawan Hans Limited, to which the delinquent officials are governed.

14.   Where the duties and responsibilities entrusted to the Inquiry Officer involve travelling or for any reason in view of impending proceeding, the rate of TA/DA in such cases shall be the same as applicable to serving PHL Executives of equivalent level including domestic travelling and boarding and lodging, with the approval of the Disciplinary/Competent Authority. 

15.   Pawan Hans reserve the right to amend/alter and modify any of these conditions at any time of this notice.

16.   Pawan Hans also has full right to withdraw the notice at any point of time without assigning any reason thereof.

17.   The services of Inquiry Officers whose performance is not up to the mark will be terminated with the approval of appointing authority.

18.   In all matter concerning the notice the decision of PHL shall be final binding on the applicant.




A.C Poricha JGM (HR & Admin)

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