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Home >> Press Release >> Pawan Hans Limited, e-Portal, APP & New Website launched by HMCA on 31st January 2017


Hon’ble Minister of Civil Aviation P Ashok Gajapati Raju unveils Pawan Hans new corporate website, e-Portal for Charter and e-Ticket booking and Mobile APP to ease its customers under ease of doing business through IoT (Internet of Things) as Value Added Services in the august presence of Minister of State Civil Aviation Sh. Jayant Sinha, R N Choubey, Secretary, Civil Aviation and Dr. B. P Sharma, CMD, Pawan Hans. The relaunch forms part of the company’s national Brand and Business Impact Program and applies the new Pawan Hans branding to an online stage. Under the slogan “We fly FOR YOU”, the company has honed its National brand identity and captured the essence of all it has stood for since its founder achieved his first pioneering flying, engineering skills, genius, innovation, and a sense of responsibility. The needs and challenges of its customer and passengers are at the core of Pawan Hans communications. This is reflected in the structure of the new website, which is now even more user-friendly and, most notably, more interactive.

The new website has been designed to provide the ultimate user-friendly experience with improved navigation and functionality throughout for customers delight. The E-Portal for online charter and e-ticket booking also a part of this website for passenger under ease of booking tickets cashlessly under digital India initiative of GoI.

Issued by Corporate Affair Dept.

For Details please contact:

0120-2476703, 0120-2476710

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