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Fleet Details
Fleet Size
Pawan Hans has grown into one of Asia’s largest helicopter company that maintains and operates by offering wide range of services to its clients through its fleet of 43 helicopters.

The well-balanced and young fleet of 43 helicopters at Pawan Hans includes:
1. Dauphin SA-365N 17
2 Dauphin AS365N3 15
3. Bell 206 L4  3
4. Bell 407  3
5. MI-172 3
6. AS 350 B3  2

The high-performing medium-weight multipurpose twin-engine helicopter SA-365N Dauphin is a versatile 11 passenger seat helicopter of robust and reliable design incorporating the latest composite technology and Fenstron tail rotor system. Ideally suited for offshore/onshore operations, VIP transportation, casualty evacuation and rescue operations, this helicopter forms the largest number in Pawan Hans’s young fleet.
Pawan Hans fleet is fully deployed and there is significant demand for helicopters from various sectors. In view of the growth potential, Pawan Hans is in the process to enhancing its fleet size.
Fleet Details - The Complete Range
With the complete range of helicopters to meet all possible needs, our fleet consists of 47 helicopters (18 x Dauphin SA 365N, 17 x Dauphin AS 365 N3, 3 x Bell 206 L4, 3 x MI-172, 4 x Bell 407 and 2 x AS 350 B3).

SA-365N Dauphin

SA-365N DauphinThis is a much improved version of the SA 365C Dauphin 2, the first prototype flying on 31 March 1979. This version introduced the updated 492 kW (660 shp) Ariel 1C turbo shafts, a retractable tricycle undercarriage, enlarged tail surfaces, and revised transmission, main rotor, rotor mast fairing and engine cowlings. The aircraft's initial M.T.O.W. of 3,850 kg (8,488 lb) was later raised to 4,000 kg (8,819 lb). Deliveries of the production model began in 1982.   

Dauphin AS365N3

Dauphin   AS365N3The high-performance AS365 N3 was developed for operations in 'hot and high' climates. The AS365 N3 also features a new-generation 10-blade composite Fenestron anti-torque device with asymmetric blade distribution, offering a further reduction in noise signature. The AS365 N3's gross weight is 4,300 kg (9,480 lb). Production deliveries began in December 1998 and this version is currently still in production. A versatile twin engine 11 passenger seats Helicopter of robust and reliable design incorporating the latest composite technology and Fenstron tail rotor system. Ideally suited for offshore/onshore operations, VIP transportation, casualty evacuation and rescue operations.

Bell 206 L4

BELL 206 L4A light single engine Helicopter with 5 passenger seats. This helicopter is best suited for executive transportation, tourism, reconnaissance, photography, etc. The Bell 206 is a family of two-bladed, single- or twin-engine helicopters, manufactured by Bell Helicopter. The original 206L utilized an Allison 250-C20B engine, and a series of model upgrades replaced this engine with more powerful versions; the 206L-1 used a 250-C28 and the 206L-3 and 206L-4 used the 250-C30P with 490 shaft horsepower.

Bell 407

Bell 407The Bell 407 is a four-bladed, single engine, civil utility helicopter; a derivative of the Bell 206L-3 LongRanger. The 407 uses the four-bladed, soft, in-plane, rigid rotor with composite hub that was developed for the United States Army's OH-58D Kiowa Warrior instead of the two-bladed, semi-rigid rotor of the 206L-3. The Bell 407 is frequently used for corporate and offshore transport, as an air ambulance, law enforcement, electronic news gathering and movie making.

Ml -172

Ml -172The MI-172 is a multi-role twin engine helicopter with 26 passenger seats and has a range of 480 kms. It is suitable for both offshore and high altitude operations. This is a Civil Passenger version of the Mi helicopters manufactured at the Kazan plant. The Mil Mi-17 is a Russian-designed helicopter currently in production at two factories in Kazan and Ulan-Ude. Developed from the basic Mi-8 airframe, the Mi-17 was fitted with the larger TV3-117MT engines, rotors, and transmission developed for the Mi-14, along with fuselage improvements for heavier loads. The designation Mi-17 is for export. The Mi-17 can be recognized because it has the tail rotor on the port side instead of the starboard side, and dust shields in front of the engine intakes. Engine cowls are shorter than on the TV2 powered Mi-8, not extending as far over the cockpit, and an opening for bleed-valve outlet is present forward of the exhaust.

AS 350 B3

Ml -172The high-performance, powerful AS350 B3 is designed to carry out the most demanding missions in the most extreme weather and geographical conditions: from very hot to very high and everything in between. Its exceptional lifting power, high endurance, extended range and fast cruise speed make virtually any job looks easy. The AS350 B3 can climb to 3,000 meters in 2 minutes 21 seconds and has more than proved its power with a record breaking landing on Mount Everest.
More than 530 AS350 B3s are presently in operation worldwide, mainly performing missions requiring high performance, including high altitude missions and sling work (external load capability of the B3 is 1,400 kg).


Technical Specifications (Under Optimum Conditions)
Helicopters Type DAUPHIN (SA365N) BELL407 MI 172 BELL206 L4 Dauphin AS 365 N3 AS350B3
Crew 2 1/2 4 1/2 2 1/2
Passengers 10 6/5 26 6/5 10 6/4
Cruise Speed (km/hr) 240 222 220 185 240 225
Range (km) 600 610 480 510 900 667
Endurance (hours) 2:45 3:00 3:15 3:00 3.30 3.00
Max. All up weight in kgs. 4000 2267 13000 2018 4300 2250

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