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(A Government of India Enterprise)


Pawan Hans Cadet Pilot Scheme


Pawan Hans Limited is a premier Central Public Sector Enterprise and India's largest Helicopter Company under the administrative control of Ministry of Civil Aviation, Government of India. The Company is in Mini Ratna Category-I and has been making profits consistently over the years.  The Company operates & maintains a fleet of 43 state-of-art helicopters of different make / capacity, such as Mi-172, Bell-206L4, Bell 407, Bell-412, Dauphin 365N/N3, Ecureuil AS-350350 B3 & ALH Dhruv Helicopter.

To associate in its growth as envisaged in the Corporate Plan, the Company intends to recruit young and dynamic professionals under the newly introduced Pawan Hans Cadet Pilot Scheme, as under:-


Pawan Hans Cadet Pilot Scheme

Pawan Hans Cadet Pilot Scheme is a structured and intensive induction programme for young aspiring candidates having core strength in technical aptitude with excellent analytical & problem solving skills and passion to make their career in aviation industry as Helicopter Pilot. The Cadet Pilots on successfully acquiring Civil Helicopter Pilot Licence (CHPL) and necessary endorsement on their licence to be qualified to fly PHL Helicopter shall be inducted as Junior Pilot in PHL on contractual basis.


Outline of the Scheme

The Cadet Pilot Programme is a 18-20 months- long training programme conducted at one of the approved Training Institute in India or abroad to complete the Commercial Helicopter Pilot Licence (CHPL) flying syllabus, . 

The Scheme includes 350 hrs of ground training, Student Pilots Licence Examination (SPL), Flight Radio Telephony Operators Licence (Restricted) Exam {FRTOL(R)} and 150 hrs of ab-initio training to each cadet under DGCA rules for issue of CHPL. During the training programme, all the cadets are subjected to intensive class room lectures to prepare them for various oral and written examinations as per Civil Aviation Regulation (CAR) of DGCA to acquire CHPL. After obtaining the CHPL, they will undergo necessary MCF (Machine Conversion Familiarisation) training, Full Flight Simulator Session and Line Flying to learn the technical aspect that are specific to the helicopter - type that they are going to fly and appear for DGCA exam to obtain endorsement on their licence to qualify to fly the specific type of helicopter and embark on their new career as Helicopter Pilots.

On completion of Cadet Pilot Training Programme successfully and being qualified to fly on- type helicopter, they will undergo on-the job flying training as Junior Pilot in PHL Helicopter till attaining 500 hrs of flying in PHL helicopter or two years on the job flying training with a minimum of 250 hrs of flying whichever is earlier to be eligible to be absorbed in the roll of PHL as Pilot-A as per terms & conditions of the Company.


(A)        Eligibility

i)              Number of Vacancies:                   10 (Ten)

(Reservation & Age relaxation as per Government of India directives) 

ii)     Age

Not less than 17 years of age as on the last date of application. Upper age limit would be 25 years (as on last date for receipt of application)

iii)    Educational Qualification

Should have passed 10+2 in Science with Physics, Mathematics and English or its equivalent from any recognized Board with 60% marks in aggregate (55% for SC/ST candidates).

Candidates appearing in 10+2 Examination (with Physics, Mathematics and English) may also apply.  However, their selection will be subject to submission of passing 10+2 Examination with required percentage on or before 30th June 2017.

iv)            Medical Fitness :

Medical fitness Class-II status as certified by a DGCA empanelled doctor or medical establishment for issue of Student Pilots Licence (SPL) prior to commencement of the flying training is mandatory. He/she should be able to obtain Class-I Medical Fitness from Authorised centres of DGCA prior to commencement of flying training.

(B)        Selection Procedure: 

The candidates need to pass several stages of a rigorous selection process comprising of the following: 

(i)         Written Test: 

All the candidates have to appear for a written test/on-line test to be conducted at selected centres in India. The written test will comprise of Reasoning, Aptitude test, Subject knowledge test and proficiency in written English. (Weightage 50%)

(ii)         Psychometric Test:

The successful candidate in the written test shall be subjected to Psychometric test to be conducted at Delhi. (Weightage 30%)

(iii)        Personal Interview

For final selection the candidates shall have to appear for personal interview before the Selection Committee to be conducted at Delhi (Weightage 20%)

(C)        Cost of the Training and Financial Assistance

PHL cadet Pilot Scheme is a self- funding scheme.  The selected candidates should be able to fund the full cost of the training for obtaining CHPL and the conversion training to acquire endorsement on the Licence to be qualified to fly helicopter operated by PHL.

 (i)        CHPL Training

The cost of training in the approved Institute for acquiring of CHPL would be approximately Rs. 45.00 Lakhs plus Taxes as applicable. However, in case the training is extended due to any reason whatsoever attributable to the conduct & performance of the Cadet, the additional cost so incurred will be borne by the Cadet.  Boarding & Lodging cost during CHPL training will be borne by the Cadet. 

(ii)         Type Training

After obtaining the CHPL, they will undergo necessary MCF (Machine Conversion Familiarisation) training, Full Flight Simulator Session and Line Flying to learn the technical aspect that are specific to the helicopter - type that they are going to fly and appear for DGCA exam to obtain endorsement on their licence to qualify to fly the specific type of helicopter. 

The cost for undergoing the Machine Conversion Familiarisation (MCF) & conversion flying training for obtaining endorsement on-type, would be approximately Rs 20 Lacs

(iii)        Financial Assistance

PHL would finance 50% of the cost of MCF training after successful acquiring of CHPL (Commercial Helicopter Pilot License) from DGCA subject to maximum of Rs.10 lacs per candidate.

In addition, there would be other expenses on account of boarding / lodging and travelling etc during conversion training period which would be borne by PHL.  The financial assistance would be treated as loan and would bear interest equal to base rate plus 2% p.a charged by State Bank of India for similar loan subject to further review. The interest will be calculated on the basis of reducing balance method.

The loan together with interest may be recovered in 120 equal instalments (10 years) from the following month of their joining as Helicopter Pilot (Pilot A) in PHL. The candidates would be required to submit post-dated cheques towards the loan amount before commencement of conversion training.

(D)        Agreement of training and Service Bond

The selected candidates shall have to execute a bond along with two sureties for undergoing the Pilot training to obtain CHPL and necessary endorsement on their Licences and to serve PHL for a period of 10 years for a sum of Rs 25 lakh (Rupees twenty five Lakhs only). However, in case the candidate so selected is below the age of 18 years, the Bond will be executed by their Legal Guardian on their behalf along with two sureties as above. After attaining the age of 18 years, the candidate will have to execute a fresh Service Bond as above.

(E)        Training Schedule: 

i)          On boarding:

The selected candidates will undergo the Orientation programme for 7 days at the PHL Corporate Office, Noida.

The Orientation Programme will be carried out in order to confirm understanding of the Organization, the key Department policies and Procedures and the Role & Responsibilities to be undertaken by the Cadet Pilot etc.

ii)         Verification:

Verification of academic /Medical certificates, testimonials, Bond etc will be carried out before proceeding to Training.

iii)        Submission of Course fee:

The selected candidates have to deposit the Course fee in advance in a phased manner: 

(a)   The Course fee for obtaining training for CHPL is approximately of Rs. 45.00 Lakhs (subject to change based on the fee charged by the Training institute) plus applicable taxes.

(b)   Course fee for endorsement training (MCF) after obtaining CHPL is approximately Rs. 20 Lakhs. The course fee should be paid in advance in the shape of Demand Draft drawn/RTGS/NEFT in favour of Pawan Hans Limited. On receipt of the course fee in advance, the selected cadets will be sent for the training to the approved institutes.

iv)           Training details:

The total period of training for obtaining CHPL shall be for 18 to 20 months (in India) including Classroom and Flying raining as detailed below :

v)             Ab-initio training for obtaining CHPL - for 150 hours (18-20 months period)

(a)   Classroom Training :

Ground classes for issue of Student Pilot License (SPL), Flight Radio Telephony Operators License & CHPL.

(b)   Flying Training :

Flying training will be carried out as per the syllabus prescribed in CAR by DGCA of 150 hours with the following break up:


Sl. No.


DUAL (in hours)

PIC (in hours)

GRAND TOTAL (in hours)







Check flight & PIC















Advanced GF





Instrument Flying





Night flying





Skill test Day and C & L PIC





Skill test Night and Night PIC





Grand Total





c)         Rudiments for the Training

  • Due record of flying and ground training progress shall be maintained sortie wise and subject wise for periodic assessment of the trainee.
  • The trainees will be assessed periodically by the trainer/ instructor
  • Only those trainees found suitable by the training institute / Training Review Board will be finally selected for the DGCA examination for obtaining CHPL
  • The trainees are expected to attend all training classes and not be absent in any class/training schedule. In the event of absence for any reason (other than illness, accident or any other justified reason), the Company will decide whether the trainee can continue or not. In case it is decided to discontinue the training, the Company will adjust the fee paid by him towards the training cost incurred including non-refundable components of the training fee as decided by the Management.
  • The trainee shall abide by the instructions of superiors in matter pertaining to the training as well as rules of discipline either existing or extended from time to time.
  • Any breach or violation of any instruction/rules will render the trainee liable for termination of the training without assigning any reason or notice.


d)         Type Conversion Training - 3 to 4 weeks

On successful acquiring of CHPL from DGCA and submission of course fee, the selected cadet pilots with CHPL will be sent to the authorized training center for undergoing Machine Conversion Familiarization and Conversion and  Flying Training so as to obtain endorsement on the CHPL to fly on-type helicopter operated by PHL.  PHL shall reserve the right to decide the type of Helicopter in which the Pilots is to be given conversion training as per the requirement of the Company. 

(F)        Employment / Appointment:

Generally all the successful cadets after obtaining CHPL shall be considered for employment in PHL as Junior Pilot equivalent to E-0 grade on contract basis, subject to suitability

(i)         Emoluments and other benefits during training period

(a)        Emoluments: 

  • The selected candidates will be issued with a Letter of Intent (LOI) for employment after obtaining CHPL. On successful completion of training, acquiring of CHPL and endorsement in their Licence to be qualified to fly PHL helicopter they will be issued with offer of appointment as Junior Pilot equivalent to E-0 grade on contract basis.
  • During their training for acquiring CHPL as Cadet Pilot, they will not be paid any stipend or emoluments.
  • During undergoing MCF for on-type endorsement on their licence by DGCA., the candidates will be paid stipend of Rs. 15,000/- (Rupees fifteen thousand only) pm and thereafter on successful endorsement on type on their licences they will be sent for on-the job flying of PHL helicopter as Junior Pilot during which they will be paid stipend of Rs.1,00,000/- (Rupees one lakh only) pm till acquisition of 500 hrs of flying in PHL helicopter or two years of flying on PHL helicopters whichever is earlier.
  • No other allowances will be paid during the above training period unless explicitly notified by the Company. During above period, they will be entitled for TA/DA as applicable to E-0 category of Executives of the Company.
  • On successful completion of 500 hrs of flying experience or two years with minimum 250 hours of flying whichever is earlier on PHL helicopter and final assessment by the Company, they shall be appointed on contractual basis as Pilot A (equivalent to E-1) with applicable emoluments and flying related allowances.

b)         Leave

They would be entitled to a total of 20 days leave in a calendar year or on pro-rata basis for part of the year.

c)         Aviation Accident Insurance during CHPL Training 

The Cadet Pilots would be insured for a sum of Rs.10 lacs in case of death/injury caused in the course of flying training during CHPL training.

(ii)        Other Benefits during Training as Junior Pilot

a)     Leave

They would be entitled to a total of 20 days leave in a calendar year or on pro-rata basis for part of the year.

b)    Aviation Accident Insurance

They would be insured for a sum of Rs. 50 lacs under the Aviation Accident Insurance Scheme of the Company for loss of life on joining PHL as junior Pilot.

c)     Performance Review / Termination of training

Their performance will be reviewed quarterly during the entire period of training and if found unsatisfactory, their training is liable to be terminated without any notice. In such event Company will realise the bond amount as per the terms and conditions of the Bond executed by the Cadet Pilot.

d)    They will not be entitled to any other allowances / perquisites applicable to other regular employees of the Company unless the same have been expressly made applicable to them.

e)     Other Conditoins:

  • They will be discharged at any time from the services of the Company on being found medically unfit (or cancellation of flying permission) to discharge duties for which they have been appointed in the Company.
  • Their appointment is subject to verification of character antecedents being found satisfactory. If found unsatisfactory, their services are liable to be terminated without assigning any reason or notice thereof at any time.
  • They are liable to be posted at the discretion of the Management to serve at any of the Company's Offices / Projects / Units or any other Government Department / Statutory Body or Public Sector Undertakings anywhere in India or abroad.
  • They can be transferred to anywhere in India or abroad at the discretion of the Management.
  • In the case, of any point of doubt or any matter of interpretation, decision of the Management shall be final.


(G)        General Conditions:

  • Only Indian nationals are eligible to apply.
  • Reservation & Age Relaxation will be as per Government of India directives.
  • It is incumbent upon the candidate to go through the advertisement carefully and clear all doubts / queries before interview / selection.
  • While applying for the post, the applicant should ensure that he/she fulfils the eligibility and other norms mentioned above, as on the specified dates and that the particulars furnished are correct in all respects. If at any stage of recruitment, it is detected that a candidate has furnished any incorrect/false information or has suppressed fact(s) to become eligible, his/her candidature will stand cancelled automatically. If any deviation/ shortfall(s) in requisite criteria is/are detected even after his/her appointment, his or her service is liable to be terminated without any notice.
  • In case any ambiguity/dispute arises on account of interpretation in versions other than English, English version will prevail.
  • Candidate should note that the onus of proving the correctness and authenticity of the details provided in the application is on him/her.
  • No correspondence will be entertained from candidates who have not been shortlisted / selected.
  • The advertisement can be withdrawn at any time and vacancies advertised may be increased/ decreased at the discretion of the management without assigning any reasons there for.
  • Corrigendum or Addendum or Cancellation of this advertisement, if any, shall be published only on the website of PHL and will not be published in the newspapers. Therefore, the candidates are advised to check the website of PHL regularly.
  • The eligibility criteria for determination of age, experience etc will be calculated as on the last date for receipt of application i.e. 15th July, 2017
  • Canvassing or bringing influence in any form will disqualify the candidature.
  • The jurisdiction for any dispute arising out of the advertisement shall be the courts at NOIDA/ Delhi.


Besides an attractive compensation package, the Company offers a professional work environment and provides excellent career enhancement opportunities.


(H)        How to apply: 

Eligible candidates meeting the above requirement may visit careers tab on the Company's website www.pawanhans.co.in and may apply online.  The applicants should also send the duly filled & signed print out of the online application form after affixing a recent passport size photograph accompanied with copies of self-attested testimonials in support of age, caste/class & qualification etc and Demand Draft (towards application fee - non refundable) for Rs. 2500/- (Rupees two thousand and five hundred only) in favour of Pawan Hans Ltd, payable at NOIDA (SC & ST candidates are exempted from payment of application fee). 

Further, such of the candidates meeting the above requirement, who could not apply online may download Application Blank from the website www.pawanhans.co.in and send it duly filled in affixing a recent passport size photograph accompanied with copies of self attested testimonials in support of age, caste/class &  qualification etc and Demand Draft of Rs. 2500/- (Rupees two thousand and five hundred only) drawn at Delhi/Noida in favour of Pawan Hans Ltd  (SC & ST candidates are exempted from payment of application fee).

Furnishing of unsigned/ incomplete/inconsistent/ambiguous information in the application without proof of Certificates or application received after last date, submitted offline are liable to be rejected and will lead to disqualification of the candidature.


Applications complete in all respects as detailed above duly superscribing the envelope with the post applied for must reach to : Jt. General Manager (HR & Admin), Pawan Hans Limited, (A Government of India Enterprise), Corporate Office, C-14, Sector-1, Noida - 201 301, (U.P.) on or before 15th July, 2017.


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