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Safety Policy

  1. 1. Safety in Aviation

Safety is at the core of fundamentals of Aviation Industry. Historically, Aviation Safety is a term encompassing the theory, investigation, and categorization of flight failures and the prevention of such failures through regulation, education, and training. Every Aviation Organisation is constantly striving to further improve safety performance in aviation in close collaboration with the global air transport community. A proactive approach to Safety has recently been introduced through a Safety Management System (SMS) based risk control process. SMS based Risk Control Process is a way of systematically identifying the risks and then deciding whether to accept, reduce, or eliminate them as well as looking at the outcome of the decisions to ensure the intended results. Aviation Safety is favorably comparable to other modes of public transport and is considered safest mode of travel.

  1. 2. Safety at PHL - A prospective

PHL believes in "safety is a good business", principle. PHL core values include safety, working environment, ethical behavior and value for its people. It is our fundamental belief that safety in operations is a source of competitive advantage and our business is strengthened by making safety excellence as a business activity. All accidents result in loss of vital resources and are preventable through excellence in safety. Aviation is a global industry and operators worldwide share the best practices in business. PHL endeavors to have strategic tie ups with best global operators on safety issues for continuous improvement in safety.

  1. 3. Safety at PHL - Vision & Objective

Safety is a core value in PHL and our Vision is to "enable the people to have access to safe, secure, sustainable, affordable world class aviation services". PHL Safety Objectives are:

- To ensure continuous improvement in Safety both in air and on the ground comparable to the best in aviation industry

- To provide helicopter training, safety services and create infrastructure for continuous safety improvement.

PHL ensures that all employees have an equal opportunity to participate in developing safety standards.

  1. 4. Safety at PHL - A Culture

PHL is committed to develop and maintain a Safety Culture which ensures that all levels of management, employees are committed to safety and accept responsibility and accountability for safety behavior. PHL has open safety communication policy and involves everyone in the safety decision making process. Company provides the necessary training to build and maintain acceptable safety standards. Safety culture in the organization is non-punitive and no action is taken on hazards/voluntary reports/disclosures of genuine errors; other than illegal acts or gross and willful disregard to procedures.

  1. 5. Safety at PHL - A Commitment

Safety at PHL is a simple commitment of no harm to people, property or the environment. PHL follows "Zero Tolerance" on safety issues to fulfill this commitment to our customers and public at large. The commitment is promoted through safety publications as well as our safety slogan "Fly Safe".

The Company has defined Safety Goals and ensures that everyone understands and accepts these goals. Safety performance is an important part of our performance evaluation system. The company is committed to provide the safest and most efficient helicopter services and other aviation support services.

PHL has adopted Voluntary Safety Reporting System to gather information on hazards pertaining to human factors. All employees or customers or public can report any safety hazard, occurrence to the management of the Company.

The company has adopted Safety Management System that focuses on hazard identification, assessment of risks and risk mitigation to acceptable levels in operations. Safety assurance in PHL is ensured through regular internal audits, surveillance and surprise checks at operational bases.

Safety training is an integral part of our Safety Management System. Every employee of the Company is trained as per his safety roles, responsibilities and accountabilities.

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