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Flight Safety

In over Three decades of operation, PHL has logged more than one million flight hours and logged more than 25 Lakhs landings. Since then, PHL has developed and refined safety programs and practices which have given us an unprecedented safety record in the commercial helicopter industry.

This has been achieved through awareness, training, accountability, incentives and a strong focus on pro-active efforts relative to safety management. At PHL, we recognize that working safely is a pre-requisite to working efficiently and profitably. From the very highest level of management on down, commitment and accountability drive safety performance. We remain proactive in strengthening our safety culture by continuing to educate employees, monitor and measure results, and recognize safe work practices.

In recognition of our safety accomplishments, PHL has received the Helicopter Association International "Accident Free Year - 2014" A Operator Safety Award.

PHI also has a longstanding commitment to the protection of the environment. For over a decade, we have actively pursued alternative technologies that allow the substitution of less toxic processes to reduce potential health risks to our employees, to minimize emissions to the environment and to reduce the production and disposal of hazardous wastes.

PHL is working closely with regulatory Authorities such as DGCA to address both potential and actual contamination.PHL has recognized Safety a core value of its Flight Operations.

For More Informations, Please Contact

Sh. M.S. Boora
Head (Flight Safety) & OSD
Phone: 0120-2476781
E-Mail: ms[dot]boora[at]pawanhans[dot]co[dot]in
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