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About Vigilance

The vigilance functions are integral part of Pawanhans Management. Vigilance department has an important role to play in ushering transparency, efficiency and integrity to working of the organization. Over the years vigilance function has evolved from a policing function to risk assessment, analysis and control function. By ensuring fair play, justice and preventing seepage of resources it promotes morale, efficiency and thereby better bottom-line.

Pawanhans Board is chaired by Dr. B.P. Sharma , the Chairman & Managing Director. The vigilance set up in PHL is presently headed by CVO(Chief Vigilance Officer) Sh. Rakesh Kumar, ITS. There are 3 vigilance units, spread across the organization at its Regions. Under the able guidance of CVO, vigilance department in PHL is constantly endeavors towards evolving best corporate practices.

Further, with an ultimate aim of eradicating corruption in Pawanhans, a four pronged strategy is followed which has also been appropriately incorporated in the Annual Action Plan relating to anti-corruption measures:

  • Preventive Vigilance
  • Detective Vigilance and Surveillance
  • Punitive Vigilance
  • Use of IT innovations to curb malpractices and ensure transparency.
Lodge Your Complaint
Information received from contractors, vendors, suppliers, employees and general public about corruption, malpractice or misconduct on the part of public servants can be termed as a complaint. By registering to this site, anyone can file a formal complaint with the company on any ethical issues pertaining to corruption, malpractice or misconduct. Anonymous/Pseudonymous complaints may not be entertained.

Please Note that as per CVC guidelines Anonymous and Pseudonymous complaints are not to be entertained. It is therefore; desired to please give your proper name and address. We guarantee total confidentiality of the identity of source of information, since the data will strictly be accessed only by the Chief Vigilance Officer.

For More Informations, Please Contact

Sh. Rakesh Kumar (ITS)
Chief Vigilance Officer
Phone: 011-24620898 / 0120-2542202
Fax: 011-24604797 / 0120-2476973
E-Mail: cvo[at]pawanhans[dot]co[dot]in
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